Workhorse Cambium e410 Access Point

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The Cambium e410 is the workhorse or water buffalo for the Cambium access points in SE Asia. The following are the really great strengths:

Cambium cnPilot e410 Access Point is one of the best Wlan solutions for your hotels, resorts, offices, hallways, universities, schools,...
Cambium cnPilot e410 Access Point
  1. Wifi Wave 2 with 2x2 streams

  2. Great price for larger deals

  3. Easily goes through two walls in most hotels and resorts

  4. Can carry up to 200 specifications with proven 120 actual simultaneous users.

  5. Internal radius server for your security needs

  6. WLAN cloud control with no license

  7. One-touch configuration and installation

  8. Can work with full cloud, local cloud, local server, and no controller!

> Learn more about Cambium E410 Access Point

> Cambium E410 Access Point Specifications

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