Will WiFi 6 Kill Cables?

Updated: Jun 11

Hi Guys,

Let's talk a little about the future. As many of you already know I have been around a long time and have seen many IT transitions from rotary phones to faxes to computers and cellular.

We are now ready to move to another level on changing network infrastructure that will most likely change all of our lives. We are now seeing and experiencing the death of most cable, and the death of many companies that rely on cable installations. Wifi 6 and the next stage of cellular will bring about very, very fast wireless traffic, in many cases over 1.2 Gig per second. These speeds will be at full-duplex, with Wifi 6 for the first time, easily surpassing normal cable and switch speed capabilities, without the infamous 100 meter limitations.

Here are some of the changes in our industry that WIFI 6 will bring about:

1. Major reduction of cable purchases, up to 75% reduction over the next five years.

No more cables!

2. Reduction of the number of switches by at least 65% over the next five years. The access point will take over many of the functions of the standard switches.

3. Increase in switch sales in the short term, up to five years, with switches for the 2.5 Gig port capacities and all with 10 Gig uplink capacities all with higher throughput.

4. Dramatic reduction in office and network installation times as companies shift to WiFi 6 outfitting the desktops with WiFi 6 adapters. Now, it will be easy to install seventy-five clients with one cable, one access point, in one hour.

5. Wifi 6 will dramatically increase speed not only with faster processing but with faster speeds due to the reduction in interference by moving to 5 Gig and 6 Gig frequencies away from the congested 2.4 Gig.

6. In WiFi 6, the access points will act more like switches, sometimes actually bypassing the switch uplink all together, depending upon configurations.

7. Much, much easier to manage, due to fewer switches, fewer cables, and a single pane of glass for up to 1000 access points and 100000 simultaneous users, all using cloud capabilities.

8. Much more flexibility and easy for management, now you can go local control, remote controller and cloud control all for free, no licenses.

Goodbye, rats!

9. With WiFi 6 you will no longer need to troubleshoot those cable runs, especially with hungry rats, and have much fewer port configurations on fewer needed switches.

10.More successful video conferencing at desktop levels, no need to reserve special rooms, and special bandwidth for the room video conferencing. All those terrible video conferencing complaints will disappear.

So yes, we may actually see the destruction 80% of all cables and the cable installations will drop 80%. All of IT Management will see major changes over the next five years, making your job easier and more fun with many, many new opportunities and challenges, all brought about by WiFi 6.

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