Wifi Complaint on Disconnects, is it AP or Client?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Hi Guys, let's talk about making some complaints go away.

This is Mr. Richard when he is working with bad WiFi

There are two types of general complaints on slow wifi and disconnects:

1. Due to old WLAN access points G, N, older AC styles, we will not talk about those here.

2. Due to poor design and configurations. These we will discuss now. Please read and follow these steps to help you to troubleshoot any WLAN access point connections problems.

A. When the complaint arrives, log it by the access point in the complaint log. This is an important step to determine for the future if the problem is with AP or problem with the network or network configuration.

B. Take an IT laptop with good, at least AC series wifi, to the same location as the complaint.

C. Sign in to your network WLAN on the same SSID as the problem device, noting how long it takes. If sign-on takes an extreme time, say over 10 seconds, could be an issue with the DHCP server.

D. If your standard laptop can sign on correctly, then it is normally not a problem with the access point, it is a problem with the client. Up until Wifi 6, the client always picks the access point, the access point cannot pick the client.

E. The first step in correcting the client problem will be to update driver software, especially if the non-windows license or older operating system.

3. If you are seeing clients having many disconnects and auto reconnects, then you may be having a problem with the roaming feature of your network. With some lower-end brands, sorry, not much to fix there. On other top-end brands, including Cambium, there are three or four ways to configure your network to roam more efficiently. Please remember, the fast roaming offering is one of the worst, least efficient methods of roaming and is the least expensive solution, so you will find these on lower-price devices.

I hope these can help you guys with some points. If you need our help please contact us here and we will help you solve the problems.

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