Wifi 6 or AX Coming Soon

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Wifi 6 or AX is the new wifi that provide users faster networks and more reliable

Wifi 6 or AX, depending on what you want to call the next big wlan update is just starting to come out. You will be able to get at least 3x and perhaps as much as 10x the speed of your existing Wlan radios. This will be one of the most important upgrades, great news, but here are some thoughts that you should consider before that update decision is made:

  1. There are almost no clients that can now support those changes, in other words, almost no laptops, desktops, or phones.

  2. The newest, most expensive, phones and laptops are just now installing AX supported cards but will not be widely available until middle of 2020.

  3. We expect most new Wlan devices such as phones, desktops and laptops will have those cards by October of 2020.

  4. Your present edge and distribution network switches will need to be updated to 10G uplinks in order to support these changes, if not you will not see those updated speeds due to the bottleneck at the switch uplink and switch throughput.

  5. If your Wlan network is designed for mostly traffic to internet, this may not benefit your speeds due to the slow connection speeds at your ISP. To actually see those speeds, you may need 1 Gig or higher from your ISP. But if your network is moving to your server farm, be happy, then you will see much higher speeds going inside your LAN.

  6. There are some other benefits beyond speed that will really help those high density Wlan uses, such as meeting rooms, classrooms, sporting events due to reducing problems with congestions with the radio frequencies by receiving and sending on smaller channel widths. If these are important you can see some of those problems solved within the next few months.

  7. Be careful and do NOT buy pretested and non approved units, they will NOT have all the features and benefits that the approved and tested for the wifi 6 standard devices. Those new devices will come out soon, in other words relax and take your time to make sure the access points you purchase are meeting all the standards for WiFi 6 you will need for the future.

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