Cambium XV3-8 Wifi 6 Access Point and SDN!

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Hi Guys,

Got some great news, Cambium Motorola Networks has now expanded its Wlan offerings into the Wifi 6, or AX area, with the new really powerful XV3-8 Wifi 6 access point. But this is with some really valuable added features for you to consider. With the purchase of the XV3-8 access point, you can now use this access point for either Xirrus or Cambium Networks, and it has five (5) operating radios to power through the densest installations and those radios can have their frequency changed with SDN with just a click to give you a future proof purchase. Reminder, this access point can easily replace three of your older access points.

Here are just a few of the really powerful WiFi 6 AP specs:

  1. Up to 6 Gbps throughput for each Access Point

  2. 5 Radios Total

  3. 3 Data Radios that are software-defined for frequency changes

  4. Full 8x8 streaming capable

  5. WPA 3 security built-in

  6. Fully backward compatible for older clients

  7. Cloud or local control on both Xirrus and Cambium Networks

  8. Xirrus application control for over 2000 signature applications

  9. Three ports, 1-1 Gig, 1-5 Gig, and 1 USB

  10. Full Band Steering

  11. >1100 Concurrent Clients

  12. Fully compatible with any other brands such as Cisco, Meraki, and Ruckus, Aruba, etc.

  13. Controllers with Cloud, Local, or local cloud.

  14. No Cambium License

  15. 5-year warranty up to the lifetime, changeable by customer

Cambium Networks bring to you this leading access point with no license costs and it can easily replace up to three of your existing access points for 30% less than our competition! These powerful access points that to obtain maximum bandwidth should have POE BT or Multigig switches.

Now in stock and ready for POC/Tests Cambium XV3-8 WiFi 6 AP, please contact your partner or DSNAsia salesperson.

Please remember, we only sell through our partners, never to end-users so please contact us or your partner for a free trial.

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