Why Xirrus Access Points and Cloud?

Updated: May 6

Last year Cambium Networks purchased Xirrus Networks for several great reasons:

  1. Great layer 7 controls -up to 1400 signatures or websites can be controlled by the Xirrus access points, more than almost all competition. Now you can control who can access those websites, control bandwidth, by clients, groups, Vlan or network.

  2. Xirrus access points can now use software defined networks or radios to change the frequency as needed, example 2.4 to 5G! Xirrus Networks are the only networks with this capability.

  3. Xirrus access points can easily carry 2-3 times more concurrent clients due to having up to 4 radios per access point. Less installation and control issues.

  4. Tried and Proven with the largest, most dense uses, including the largest football stadiums to the largest convention centers in the world.

  5. Up to 2000 simultaneous users on one access point!

> Learn more about Xirrus Access Points

> Learn more about Cambium products

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