Who Needs IIOT, Anyway?

Hi Guys,

Let's talk about IIOT and who would need these special solutions?

Cambium IIOT, or CnRanger, are solutions based upon moving sensor traffic, both digital and analog, to central monitoring using combinations of radio bandwidth and cable and internet connections. These Cambium Motorola solutions are used in over 200 countries worldwide. They use very special radio frequencies, with very long-distance capabilities with all types of data, including video. By using IIOT, this allows great flexibility and management of your sensors and alerts.

These networks can be quite large with literally thousands of sensors, all focused on a central monitoring station. In many cases, these networks will be sold in excess of 4.8 Billion VND.

The following are just a few of the many types of worldwide networks that use the Cambium CnRanger Networks:

Customers who might need these solutions:

  1. Smart City Solutions

  2. Remote CCTV Solutions

  3. City Water Systems

  4. City Flood Control Projects

  5. Country Government Solutions

  6. Airport locations

  7. Oil Drilling Solutions

  8. Ocean Drilling Solutions

  9. Mining Solutions

  10. Remote oil storage solutions

  11. Remote refueling tanks

  12. Milk Dairy Locating

  13. Traffic Control sensors

  14. Fire Control sensors

  15. Remote temperature sensors

  16. Electrical Tower protection services

  17. TV and Radio tower security services

  18. Food Processing sensor transmission

As you can see, these are solutions that are engineered by both Cambium Networks and DSN Asia.

Please click on the following for more information:

> IIoT Products

> Cambium for Warehouse and Industrial

Please remember, we only sell through our partners, never to end-users.
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