When To Use Cambium e500 Outdoor AP

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Cambium Networks cnPilot e500 Access Point provides faster wifi for outdoor environments
Cambium Networks cnPilot e500 Access Point
  1. Range 50+ meters in all directions

  2. Pole or wall-mounted but best is wall mounted

  3. Good surge protection from SE Asia lightning and tempests.

  4. External cable connection for powering up other access points or security cameras, no need to run cables for the camera!

  5. Cloud controls or local controller functions, all free with no licenses.

  6. Full wifi mesh if no cable is available.

  7. One-touch configuration with Cambium cnMaestro.

  8. Full mesh roaming even without local controller for up to 3000 clients.

> Learn more about E500

> E500 Specifications

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