What the xxxx! is Bridge in a Box?

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Ha, ha, Bridge in a Box is Cambium Networks really, really easy way to extend your network way beyond the 100-meter limitations on cable or WLAN.

Bridge-in-a-box is a Plug-n-play Outdoor Wireless Eternal Bridge
Cambium Bridge-in-a-box

In fact, you can easily extend your network or connect that distant security camera and the bandwidth up to 15-20 Km if you have line of sight. The bandwidth can be up to 200 Megs depending on the distance. Really great, no trenching, no additional ISP lines or bandwidth and installation can be measured in minutes not days or weeks or months.

These two devices are already paired to talk to each other, so there is no radio configuration, just some small configuration on LAN side to make your network reach that distant location.

Now, for less money than mounting another switch you can easily extend your Lan up to 6 Km no need for expensive fiber or trenching.

If your customer is a resort, no need to trench to reach those distant villas or poolside or beach!

Remember, we only sell to our partners, so please tell your partner to give us a call.

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