What makes Wlan Wifi Slow Part 1 ?

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Part 1 - What makes Wlan Wifi Slow?

This is a great question and I will try to answer. There are so many things that appear to make Wlan access points slow. Here are just a few of the most common.

1. Rain and water

WLAN over water or when it rains makes for a lot of radio reflection on the radio waves, slowing down the wifi. This is why it is almost always a problem trying to push wifi into a building from the outside in a hotel, resort, or dormitory. When it rains everyone will go inside and turn on their wifi device, but the access point is outside and then the calls start coming into the front desk, UGH!


2. Radios

Radio interference from other devices both clients and access points. This is the main reason why the 2.4 radios on all access points are now so slow and why we all need to shift to the 5G radios. The number of available channels is much higher on the 5G radios giving more space to get faster speeds.

Radio tower

3. Walls

Walls, walls and more walls. We all try to get through more walls, especially in hotels, dormitories and resorts. If we increase the power to go through the wall we will automatically increase the interference to the other wifi device slowing down the wifi. But the really, best answer is to place the devices within the room of the user and shift the frequency to 5G not the 2.4. Generally, the 2.4 G radio will need to go through 3-4 walls, if installed in the hall, depending on the thickness of the walls and the plumbing of the bathrooms, if the walls are thick, maybe drop the capacity to 2-3 walls.

Wifi radio distribution map

Now the trend is to place the devices behind the TV on the wall in the room and shifting the radio to 5 G with reduced power settings to reduce interference in the other rooms. This, of course, requires cabling to the room. This will also build redundancy in your network if you have a failed device by automatically transferring the client to the next room. The latest wall devices are now very, very cost-effective so even though more expensive per room your complaints will stop.

More coming on Part 2!

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