What makes Cambium Motorola Switches the Ones to Buy?

Updated: Sep 16

Hi Guys,

Here is a short blog for our partners and end-users that will tell you what makes Cambium Motorola switches a good idea to buy.

  1. They are fast, in many cases much faster, with throughputs up to 300% compared to other brands.

  2. Much longer warranty, minimum three years up to a lifetime.

  3. Many of our switches are priced as layer 2 but have free layer 3 features.

  4. All of our switches come with Policy-Based Automation, making your lives easier and your networks more secure.

  5. Fully integrated into Cambium cnMaestro, giving you the ability to easily manage up to 1000 switches and 10000 clients on a single pane of glass.

  6. Easily managed by you with local or cloud control with NO LICENSE to pay.

  7. They work within any other switch brands or networks.

  8. Full alert functions and troubleshooting capabilities.

  9. Ready for connecting your wifi 6 access points with faster ports and cables, now go up to 2.5 Gigs with your standard ethernet cables.

  10. Much lower prices for our partners and end-users with no licenses!

Please click here for more information:


Please remember, we only sell through our partners, never to end-users. Please call your partner or give us a call to suggest one of our great partners.

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