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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Hello to all our partners and friends. As you all know, Cambium and DSN are both dedicated to bringing to you some new technology and ways to make more money and help your customer's networks. We have sometimes even tried to make our quickly moving technology into some fun times with smiles. Now we would like to introduce you to something really new in Vietnam.

Helen Lee - DSN Vietnamese Master of Ceremonies

DSN and Cambium Networks will bring to you some new technology training but with video vlogs with the famous, Ms. Helen Lee, our own network Vietnamese Master of Ceremony. Please look for us by 28 February on our new Youtube channel.

Our first vlog will be on Cambium Network's access point offerings, including the new e600 indoor, e700 outdoor, and the latest e425 our newest low-cost hotel, resort, office offerings. We are already in production and will be placed on Youtube first, followed by our Facebook Page and Twitter and our website. We will be trying to present to you a new vlog every few weeks, please let us know your thoughts and how we can improve. We expect some new arrivals with wifi 6 access points and our new 48 port layer 3 switches arriving any day now. Stay tuned to this blog to see when they arrive and the latest news!

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> Seminar for cnVision solution (04/03/2020)

> Seminar for Cambium Backhaul solution (05/03/2020)

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