Warehouse and Industrial Network Design

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Hi Guys,

Let's talk about how to design an overall Network Design for your warehouse, factory, and industrial end-users to assist in SMART AUTONOMOUS LEVELS.

If you are designing for 3D printing, augmented reality expert systems, industrial IOT, Robots, and automated stocking and retrieval, and moving to big data and predictive analytics then Wlan and wifi 6 with full radio backhaul fabric are your only options.

Thoughts to consider:

  1. Must be a combination of local and backhaul with high security to reduce latency and cloud to hold data.

  2. Must include edge to centralized methods of control.

  3. 5G may or may not be the primary backhaul.

  4. Must include network management systems on local and distant

  5. Wifi and cable intersection (switch) must be stable and automated.

  6. Must be constructed with full coverage of wifi 6 with no black holes.

  7. The network design should have failover design capabilities to ensure no failure of cable, switch, or access point.

  8. The network should include edge to edge coverage, point to multipoint, and point to point backhaul capabilities to give total network coverage.

  9. Full backhaul at multi gigabits, such as 60 Gigahertz is part of that solution with backhaul capabilities in excess of 15 Gig.

  10. Capability to ensure all devices on the same network with backhaul, camera, IIOT, and data with low controllable latency.

I hope this will give to you some new thoughts about how to engineer that future factory.
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