Uses for Cambium Backhaul Solutions

Updated: May 15, 2020

Let's talk about Cambium backhaul Solutions and some uses. As I am sure you know, Cambium, Motorola, is one of the leaders in backhauling bandwidth for ISP, WISPs, and general networking. Cambium knows how to move radio waves for really big distances. Here are some really common applications where you can use Cambium backhaul products to create a great backhaul solution:

Best backhaul solutions in the world
  1. Connecting multiple buildings on campus to one central IT location. Using purpose-built radios, you can reduce by almost 50% of your ISP costs by combining multiple connection points to one central location. At the same time, simplifying your DNS and networking, making your life much easier and increasing the network speed at the same time with Cambium backhaul

  2. Connecting locations that are over your network limiting 100-meter limits. For instance, you have a guard shack that controls the entrance and exit, but is over 100 meters and you do not want to add another switch or fiber, Cambium is your answer for much, much less money.

  3. When trenching is NOT an option, say you need to extend your network and trenching is not possible due to river or street, then Cambium can jump that river or street. Installation should be measured in a few hours, not weeks or months.

  4. When there is a new housing area with many villas or houses that need a phone, bandwidth, wifi and smart tv connections, then Cambium has your answer for up to 4000 villas and homes using multiple towers or even one single tower.

  5. When you want to expand your business into WISP or ISP areas, working with your nearest ISP connection, easy for Cambium to jump that river or jump to an island or even jump over that mountain. You could get monthly payments for many, many houses and businesses that do not have service now up to 200 Km jumps.

  6. When you need to supply bandwidth or wifi to a large area, such as a city street, the entire city or to a park, then Cambium backhaul is your answer.

  7. Connecting multiple locations across a city to protect against power failures, such as fire stations and police locations. Cambium has your solution!

  8. When your network needs a back up to fiber for the ultimate back up protection, Cambium is your answer. Now you need not worry about construction cuts or floods.

  9. CCTV security camera installations that are beyond your cable or even fiber distances, now easy to use Cambium cnVision and Cambium Backhaul solutions, up to 100 KM distance.

  10. ISP migration with Facebook Engineering for that last 500-meter connection for the new 5G integrations. Already in use in Malaysia and Indonesia.

  11. Connecting those dairy cows up to wifi for tracking location and milking frequencies.

  12. Bringing CCTV security for long-distance water pipes and electrical lines. Now have CCTV and security alerts to protect those expensive assets.

  13. Barcode readers and counters for seaport container controls. Now you can easily couple with cnVision for security and data control.

  14. Bringing wifi to moving buses and trains to ease the stress and bring more security to your traveler.

  15. Bring wifi marketing and alert systems to distant bus terminal and locations.

As you can see, the list is truly great and these are only a few. Cambium Backhaul Solutions is your answer, please go to our website to see some of our devices and give us a call to help you. Cambium Networks is your backhaul needs supplier.

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