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Updated: Jan 22

Hello Partners, this one is for you and you only, not for our end-users. So, if you are an end-user please do not read.

DSN Asia and Cambium Motorola have developed very specialized skills to help you, our partners, with those really difficult end-user solutions. Let me share some of our skills that can help you to get those really hard solutions that the other vendors are not able to jump into the deal, giving you more money!

  1. Have security cameras that are too far away to run fiber or cable, we have that solution.

  2. Need to add some clients that are too far away from your existing networks, say 150 meters up to 50Km, we have that solution.

  3. You need a cloud control solution for your end-user that does NOT have a license, we have that solution.

  4. Need to add more network access points to your end-user network, but they do NOT want to pay more license, we have that solution.

  5. You have an end-user that likes Aruba or Meraki but are tired of paying the license, we have that solution.

  6. You have an angry end-user that is having a problem with the warranty getting a fast, efficient replacement, we have that solution.

  7. You have an end-user that needs to add security cameras but does not have more ports, we have that solution.

  8. You have an end-user that needs failover for fiber and needs that installed in several days, we have that solution.

  9. You need to help the end-user to start a conversion to Wifi 6 but cannot buy all now, we have that solution.

  10. You have an end-user that needs a marketing solution attached to their existing wifi, we have that solution.

  11. You need help training your end-user IT staff on Cambium Maestro or access points, we have that solution.

  12. You need a solution wifi heat map in one day, we have that solution.

  13. You need to connect two buildings with 200-400 Mbits and install in two hours, we have that solution.

  14. You need to connect 125 villas for wifi, security cameras, phones, and TV, we have that solution.

  15. You need to connect 15 Gbits to multiple buildings, we have that solution.

  16. You need wifi and a security camera solution for a complete Ocean Port, we have that solution.

  17. You need to have a complete solution for the resort including connecting all cabanas and villas with TV, wifi, and phones, we have that solution with no trenching!

  18. You need to convert an existing account from Meraki Licenses to non-licenses, we have that solution.

  19. You need a full Managed Service Provider solution to contract with your end-users, we have that solution.

  20. You need sales training for your partner sales staff, we have that solution.

  21. You need technical training for your IT staff, we have that solution.

  22. Your end-user has a disaster and needs a network immediately for up to 500 clients, we have that solution.

  23. Your end-user needs security cameras that need to transmit up to 100 km without fiber or cable, we have that solution.

  24. You need a solution for installing clients or cameras over 100 km without fiber or cable, we have that solution.

DSN and Cambium Motorola have solutions for your most difficult solutions, opening the door for you to grow more sales with higher profits.

Please contact DSNasia with your most complicated and difficult solutions.

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