Software-Defined Wifi, What's that?

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Hi Guys,

We are entering a new era, and that area is Software Defined Networking or SDN. These devices include whole networks, storage, and now WLAN access points. But we have good news that will save you money and make your job easier!

Software Defined Networking make magic happen with 1 click

Having radios that can shift from 2.4 to 5 Gig frequencies with just a click and 5 Gig to 2.4 Gig frequencies. Now you can shift all your clients to 5 Gig radios from the, out of the box installation that is 2.4 and the other 5 with just a click of a button.

What are the benefits Software Defined Networking can bring to you?

1. Frequency shifting using SDN allows you to dramatically reduce interference in any area in your network, making your job easier and with happier clients.

2. As you have newer clients that can use 5 Gig and the new 6 Gig frequencies, there is no need to buy new access points, just shift the radio frequencies, saving lots of money and work.

3. If you need to go through multiple walls, shift the focused radio to the 2.4 from the 5 frequency. No need to add another access point, saving money!

4. If you are growing and have too many clients on one radio, just shift the radio frequency to the 5G from the 2.4 and easily double the number of clients. Saving both time and money.

5. If you have a large conference or meeting room, now you can purchase access points that have four radio inside, and you can use SDN to shift three of the four radios to 5G, leaving one 2.4 radio for legacy users, without adding more access points, saving both time and money. No need to buy three or four access points and run three or four cables.

6. Get up to a spec of 2000 and real-time 1000 simultaneous users per access point due to SDN of shifting to 5G frequency radios, beamforming, and full wifi 6 capabilities!


As you can see, there are many, many uses for SDN with your Wlan and Wifi devices. Cambium, Xirrus, and DSNAsia can show you how to save money and make your job easier with Software-Defined Wlan and Wifi.

Please remember, we only sell through your partners, never to end-users.

Now you can test at your location with the newest Cambium and Xirrus SDN Access Points, contact us or ask your partner for a test at your location.

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