Security Camera Networks without Cable?

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Now Cambium Networks, known for their secure long distance back haul solutions from Motorola, has a proven solution for your high definition security camera locations. We introduce you to CnVision radio solutions, made for your most demanding camera networks. In fact, CnVision makes absolutely all frames make it to your storage devices. We can now offer you the following benefits:

These are the devices that used in cnVision solutions for Video Surveillance and CCTV
Cambium cnVision devices
  1. Massive labor savings, no need for trenching or cabling problems.

  2. Huge time savings with installations-quick and cost effective

  3. No need to fight for those permits or right of way purchases up to 25Km!

  4. Using unlicensed frequencies makes it fast and easy

  5. Scales from one camera to over 1000 cameras on one network

  6. Fully integrated with your VMS controls and storage systems

  7. QOS to prioritize those networks that share data

  8. Special tools that help you engineer and configure the network with our planning tools.

  9. Auto discovery of all cameras

  10. Full training certification for your staff.

  11. Hardened devices with 3 year warranty

  12. Special Discounts to our trained SI Partners

So, now if you have those hard to cable locations or you need to save time and money on that new proposal we have your answer especially if it is city wide or smart city locations.

> Learn more about cnVision solutions for CCTV

> cnVision for CCTV Data Sheet

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