Restaurants, Wifi and Digital Marketing

Updated: May 6, 2020

Okay, lets blog about restaurants for awhile. Let us ask a few questions first:

1. Do restaurants need wifi? YES, 100% of all restaurants need wifi, and 95% have some installed. Are customers happy with wifi, almost 55% answer NO! Now that is a big, big problem but it is also a great opportunity for our partners.

2. Do restaurants need marketing-100% yes, but only 35% spend time or money in their external marketing efforts. Another major problem, but is also another great opportunity.

3. Can these two large problems and opportunities be combined with one simple solution? The answer is YES, and it is easy and fast and very, very low cost.


1. Install one or more Cambium Access Points with FREE cloud controller even in different locations. Attach to ISP routers and/or ADSL modems, firewall built-in for free. Remember, one e600 access point can easily handle 200-300 simultaneous users within 100 meters.

2. Set up Cambium Cloud Networks and accept the access points, even if they are in other locations or countries, now you can control with cnMaestro on one pane of glass.

3. Create a splash page that will trap email entries from guests to give access to the Internet, Free from Cambium Networks. Cambium now will download and hold all email addresses for 24 hours.

4. Administrator downloads emails every 24 hours to a central location such as Google Drive, this is free. If a customer needs to download every 30 days, easy and low cost to download emails on a thirty-day cycle by using Pro license of 5 USD per Year per access point. So your cost may by 250USD and NO ongoing license cost.

5. Now, the restaurant has the emails and he or she can use these to:

1. Thank new customer

2. Remind them to come back

3. Birthday parties

4. Special VIP savings

5. Special new menu foods

All these and more for free.

Our service staff can assist you in all these efforts. Just give us a call for help. Cambium Networks and DSNAsia offer to you and our partners a 24-hour service!

Please remember we only sell to our partners, never to end-users.

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