Questions and Answers about Wifi 6

Hi All, here are the top questions most asked on my blogs and my answers, hope you enjoy:

1. How many users can be on the access point at the same time?

Answer: That will depend on many different things, but generally, there are two measurements, Spec and Real. On Wifi 5, spec may be as high as 512 clients but the reality is much lower, maybe 122 on Wifi Type AC Wave 2. With Wifi 6, we are expecting much, much higher numbers, maybe as high as 750 clients with our Software-Defined Radios on our 8x8 Access Point.

2. How far can our radios go?

Answer: That depends on several different factors. In general, some of our APs can go up to 125Km, it will depend more on the client-side of the wifi exchange. Overall, we should be able to see and operate at decent speeds with phones at 15 meters, 20 meters with pads, 25-50 meters with laptops, and 50+ meters with new wifi 6 cards. This will also be limited by the number of walls, and the number of clients on the channel.

3. Will WiFi 6 be faster?

Answer: Yes, especially with a high-density number of clients on the access point. If there are one, two, or three clients on the wifi 6 access point at the same time, you should be able to see a 15-20% increase in speed as compared to Wifi 5. If your client device has wifi 6 capabilities, then you may see much higher speeds with up to 1-2 Gig throughput speeds, if your upstream port has over 1 Gig capabilities.

4. Can you add Cambium Wifi 6 to other brands of WLAN, such as Meraki, Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus, and Unifi without conflicts?

Answer: Yes, no problems here. All you need to do is turn on Auto channel Selection, Auto Power selection and the Cambium access point will automatically go and configure itself to work with the other devices in those networks. So, there is no need to do major project to speed up your networks, you can change your network as your budget permits.

5. What is the maximum throughput on Cambium Wifi 6?

Answer: with our 8x8 device you can easily reach 7 Gig per second throughput with just one access point, but you will need upstream switch and cables to hit those numbers.

6. Does the Cambium Wifi 6 have beamforming and battery-saving included?

Answer: yes, all of our access points have those included, without license.

7. Does Cambium Wifi 6 have license requirements like Meraki, Aruba, or Ruckus?

Answer: No, no license required, even if cloud-controlled.

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