Public Wi-Fi Connects Residents and Businesses in Taranaki - Case Study

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

"Having our business name attached to this project and knowing that people are having a positive experience using the network is a huge positive to come from this upgrade."



PRIMOWIRELESS, A WIRELESS INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER (WISP), made it their mission to deliver the best broadband services to homes, farms and businesses in the Taranaki region of New Zealand. However, this mountainous region had its fair share of challenges when it came to internet connectivity. As internet users walked along the main city street, they experienced drop-offs and viewed this as a bad Wi-Fi signal.

PrimoWireless’ previous equipment supplier had products that produced inconsistent and variable customer experiences. A noisy environment plus Access Points (APs) with limited range resulted in dead spots that needed to be infilled – a costly and time-consuming process.

In order to solve their connectivity issues, PrimoWireless had two options: Spend thousands of dollars on eight more AP units from their existing provider or upgrade to Cambium Networks’ AP units to get the coverage they needed.


PRIMOWIRELESS DEPLOYED A TOTAL OF 13 CAMBIUM NETWORKS CNPILOTTM e500 ENTERPRISE OUTDOOR APs along the main street of Hawera, Taranaki. Swapping their previous AP units for Cambium Networks’ AP units increased the coverage area, meaning PrimoWireless only had to fund backhaul to the two new AP units.

Funding was obtained from a local business association seeking to upgrade the area’s wireless connectivity. The installation process involved mapping the area, overlaying the coverage radius of the new AP units where existing APs were installed. This gave PrimoWireless a better idea of where the two new AP units would be most strategically placed.

GoWireless/Streakwave NZ, a New Zealand distributor, handled the supply and advice for the entire process. Another benefit to the solution was the compatibility between Cambium Networks and PrimoWireless’ current captive portal.


WHETHER PEOPLE SCROLLED THROUGH INSTAGRAM while walking down the street or business workers checked their emails, all were supported by cnPilot e500 APs. Since deployment, the average number of daily users has increased from 1,000 per day to 1,300 per day; users also tend to, on average, spend more time connected to Wi-Fi.

Above all, the cnPilot e500 solution has resulted in a more positive experience for those living and working in Taranaki. Fewer customer issues with dead spots, less complaints about roaming problems and seamless handover between APs contributed significantly to the end user experience. Other benefits included:


PRIMOWIRELESS' NEEDS HAVE BEEN MET with the current configuration of APs along the main city street. If there is a future need for increased coverage area, PrimoWireless is ready to tackle the deployment of more cnPilot e500 APs in Taranaki. With the help of Cambium Networks’ solution, PrimoWireless is now a pillar of connectivity that supports the residents and businesses of Taranaki.

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