POE Injectors Passive or Active?

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Hi Guys,

Let's talk a little about POE injectors for your cameras and wifi and even running more downstream switches. POE's are extremely important for your network and network devices. If they are not powered correctly, they may or may not work and may even destroy your PoE powered devices.

Passive POE may really a good, cheap deal but they can be really bad, terrible, for your network and for your expensive powered access points and security cameras and the remainder for your IIOT devices. Passive POE injectors or switches are set to run at one and only one power setting. If they supply too much power, they can be very dangerous to your network, and if they supply too little power the devices may not work properly. I would suggest you never use any passive POE injectors or switches even if they are much less expensive. You can find some passive POE injectors at six or seven USD when active maybe thirty USD and then blow up your two hundred USD camera or access point.

Active POE injectors or switches actually determine the correct amount of power supply and automatically send the correct power to the downstream device, such as the access point or camera. The chances of damaging the downstream device are much less or even close to zero. If you need to move the injector to another port and to power another device, it will be much less risk to damage the new device.

So bottom line, forget the savings and only purchase the active POE injector or active POE switch, you will sleep better.

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