How to Make Your School Network Fast with Little Money

Hi Guys and Girls,

Today, this is all about how to make your university, college, government school networks fast without spending a lot of money!

  1. Remove all your bandwidth rules on your network, unless they are level 7 (application level) controls. Bandwidth rules by SSID or by VLAN are normally not needed and will slow the network

  2. Limit the number of SSID to four, the more SSID the slower the overall wifi network. Try to work with defined SSID's for students, staff, administration, and guests only. This will reduce the overall "broadcasting" of the access points and make your overall wifi and network faster.

  3. Locate your access points that have the most clients at the same time and switch that access point to wifi 6, our 2 stream is very fast and can carry a heavier load of traffic. Very little cost- 395USD retail. See speed increases of 20-35% with double the capacity!

  4. Upgrade any of your older edge switches that have only 100 meg ports. Our newer switches have all 1Gig ports plus up to 40 Gig uplinks. Increase your speeds by up to 400%!

  5. Upgrade your older switches that have only one gig uplinks to newer switches with 10G fiber uplinks. This is especially true for your middle switches, and intermediate switches.

  6. Try to move your newly purchased switch, layer 2 or 3, up the three tyre stack, by taking your older switches down to the edge of your network. If possible purchase new switches that are layer 3 not layer 2, even for the edge.

  7. Your very high-density access points, such as large meeting rooms, cafe, and areas for lots of students, replace up to four older access points with one 8 stream wifi 6 access point. We can easily carry over 1000 concurrent clients with one access point now, saving on ports, switches, cables and management time.

In many of our newer maps and surveys, we can actually REDUCE the number of access points by 20% and increase the speed by 30%, all with replacement of just a few access points. Make school really faster with little money. By the way, Cambium Motorola access points will work with any other brands including Meraki, Cisco, Aruba, Unifi, and Ruckus, with no conflicts!

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