Looking to Hire More Technical Staff!

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

We are looking for great people that:

  1. Like to work in a fast-growing company and environment, we are growing over 100% per year!!

  2. We believe learning new things and new ways are critical, so these people need to be strong learners.

  3. We believe there are right paths in our work and lives, we are looking for people that believe like us.

  4. We believe in the work we do will help ourselves, our families, our orphanage, our partners and our end users. We are looking for people that believe the same.

  5. We believe in hard work, it is an essential part of life. We are looking for people who have the same belief.

We will train completely from the bottom to the top, so the most important things are the five above

For the Technical Support Staff, we need people with at least 2-3 years of experience in enterprise Lan work. We will train completely using all Cambium tool sets!

If you fit well, contact Mr.Viet at 0905248230 or send CV to Phanquocviet@dsnasia.net.

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