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Hi Partners,

Here are some critical questions we will need to answer to see if the new Cambium Motorola Wave 15 Gigabit solution may be the right solution for your end-user customer.

  1. What is the distance between radios, remember on Cambium Wave we can design up to eight Km through mesh configurations.

  2. What minimum bandwidth speed does your end-user need at the endpoint device? We will need that to design backward to ensure the desired end-user speeds.

  3. Does your end-user already has fiber and need to engineer a failover solution from fiber?

  4. What is the budget for this solution? or are we requesting "rough" estimates?

These solutions are absolutely NOT expensive, much less than fiber.

Once you have this information, give us a call to give you a rough estimate, the next step is locating on Google Maps. We have trained Cambium Engineers and special software tools from Facebook and Qualcomm to assist.

Please remember, we sell only through our partners, never to the end-user.

Please contact us here to help you:

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