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We hope this blog finds all of you and your family healthy. Here we are going to talk a little about some really NEW technology from Cambium Motorola, Cambium Wave. Through careful development with Facebook and with chipmaker Qualcomm, Cambium has new technology that may very well change some of our networking forever with Cambium Wave 60 Gigahertz radio systems. Now we can easily move data at speeds of 10-15 GPS without any fiber! Fiber is great and will continue, but in many applications, it does not work well.

Look at some of the fiber problems we all have:

  1. Installation may be measured in weeks or months.

  2. The solution may be impossible to trench due to streets, buildings, or private property.

  3. The cable solution may be too expensive to install due to licensing and permissions from the government or private landowners.

  4. Restrictions on distance before and interconnect to boost the signal.

  5. Latency on cable system too high for factory and automation needs.

  6. Running multiple cables to campus locations without any failover backup.

  7. Installation is expensive and is easily cut or damaged by rats, people, and storms.

NOW you can use Cambium Motorola Wave solutions to build your Network Fabric. It can give you so many great opportunities:

  1. Up to 15Gps speeds.

  2. Low, low latency, generally lower than cable.

  3. No trenching, no laying fiber.

  4. Completely Mesh built giving you NO SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE.

  5. Fast, really fast installation times. Maybe hours, not weeks or months.

  6. Distances up to 5-6 Km using multiple Mesh hops.

  7. One hub serves up to 30 subscriber points.

  8. No need to worry about floods, rats, or cable cuts.

  9. No need for a line of sight due to great mesh technology.

  10. Easy to install on rooftops, lamposts, electrical posts, and mdw distributions.

  11. Now use one network for Security, Data, Voice phone, and Streaming.

  12. All monitored and controlled easily with one pane of glass with Cambium cnMaestro.

  13. Self alerting and self-curing with device failure.

  14. Now have full control over the client, bandwidth, access point, switches, and routers. Troubleshoot your entire network from your laptop, phone, or desktop. Your whole network fabric with one single pane of glass.

  15. One Wave device can now supply more than 30 subscribers or houses or buildings.

Now you can future proof your network with these proven Cambium devices and they are now used all over the world and DSNasia brings them to Vietnam!

Now we are ready for POC tests please hit the links below to read more or contact us at this link.

> Contact us and Test/POC

> 60Ghz cnWave Products

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