How to Use Cambium CnVision for CCTV and Surveillance Cameras

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

1. Use CnVision when you have some issues with the distance:

  • Anytime the ethernet cable needs to extend past its recommended lengths, such as 100 meters for 5 and 5E cables.

  • Use when you need to install cameras in areas that do NOT have fiber or ethernet network already built such as city-wide installations that extend past normal fiber cable installs.

  • Use when your end-user must use >5 Km even up to 120Km distant to network fiber or ethernet. Remember Cambium Networks is the expert on backhaul, even with CCTV!

2. Use CnVison when you do not want to use Cable anymore:

  • Use when you need to install cameras but do not have time to install the cable such as camera installs with short deadlines, 24 cameras within 24 hours.

  • Use when you need to install a camera past the end-user network cable runs, such as parking lot or guard building or security perimeter fence.

3. Use CnVison for some special place or place can not run cable:

  • Warehouse and factory installations where you have many cameras to install in one building but running cables are either impossible or very expensive.

  • Use where burying or trenching the cable may be TOO expensive, too difficult, or where getting permission from landowners is not possible. Examples are crossing public roads to the parking area, protection of parks and recreational areas, and city-wide installations, road installations that do not have access to fiber or ethernet.

  • Anywhere you need to install higher security for your business or locations, with or without cables.

4. Use when you want to see control the full network with your VMS solution.

Now you have great tools from Cambium Networks, CnVision which will turn that difficult problem into a great solution. This solution can make you a CCTV Wizard. These are not normal data paths, they are designed for only CCTV and video data paths. And you know how to use CnVision in your cases.

Please remember, we only sell through our partners, never to end-users.

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