Hospital de Câncer de Barretos: Extending Care with Cambium cnPilot Access Points - Case Study

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

“Products have met all expectations – all patients and visitors can easily access the internet with excellent performance, improving quality of life and entertainment during treatment, especially communication with family members remotely.”



THE HOSPITAL DE CANCER DE BARRETOS IS BRAZIL’S MOST ADVANCED ONCOLOGICAL HOSPITAL, funded in large part by donations to SUS (Sistema Único de Saúde) and other donors. They treat up to 6,000 patients from 27 Brazilian states and employ 380 full-time doctors amongst over 3,500 total staff members.

Prior to the upgrade, the hospital ́s network was not properly integrated, resulting in data loss, lack of accessible internet for end-users, and interruptions in communication between medical units and buildings. Lucas da Silva Oliveira, Hospital de Barretos’s IT coordinator, describes the situation “There wasn’t any kind of wireless supply. It was very tough; the units received neither 3G nor 4G. We tried the implementation with other solutions but they didn’t achieve our expectations of excellence for our customers.”

After attempts to connect the hospital with other brands, Hospital Barretos partnered with technology integrator RJ Network to design and implement a Cambium Networks cnPilot Wi-Fi network. RJ purchased equipment for the initial deployment, but Cambium Networks has since donated several additional access points to support the hospital’s network expansion.

RJ Network designed and implemented the Cambium solution, beginning with a site survey to detect possible future problems in the execution of the project. The Cambium products arrived already configured for the deployment’s needs and demands. The tests and training were done remotely by the hospital’s IT sector.

WHY HOSPITAL DE CÂNCER DE BARRETOS CHOSE CAMBIUM NETWORKS - Affordable, easy to use solutions that save maintenance time and costs. - Users connect once across the entire hospital; single sign-on for connection at all buildings and campuses.


- Prevent complications by planning and testing your deployment before installation.

- Wi-Fi Analytics and surveys offer insights to improve user experience.


THE CNPILOT EQUIPMENT ENDED REPORTS OF NETWORK DOWNTIME AND USER COMPLAINTS. The new system supports over 6,000 users with 8,000 different user profiles with no slowing or errors.

The Hospital benefits from analytics by Cambium partner Wispot, which enables online surveys and real-time data collection. Wispot applications such as social login and Single Sign-on capabilities prevent users from having to login repeatedly when they move around and between the medical facilities and buildings. Patient care is supported by the high-performing Internet access on an individual basis, as young patients can stay occupied with games and kid-friendly programming during their stays, and keep in close touch with family members. Visitors also benefit from online entertainment as they wait with and support inpatient loved ones.

When the hospital changed its name (it is now ‘Hospital de Amor’), there were 180,000 hits to its website, none of which affected bandwidth. The hospital plans to continue switching to Cambium equipment in all its units, and using Wispot’s apps to run campaigns for hospital resources, informing users about opportunities to support the hospital through donations, and running online surveys to evaluate and improve the hospital’s services for patients and the community.

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