ePMP and cnPilot Connecting in the Island Residents - Case Study

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

“Just by changing the equipment, the customer satisfaction went up. The coverage and stability of the links are really good, and we’ve had zero problems with our Cambium Networks equipment.”

- IT Manager, Resort & Spa


A PRESTIGIOUS RESORT IN PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic wanted to expand their wireless broadband network to ensure service in line with their 5 star rating for new additions to their property. They had some network equipment in place, but the coverage was limited to the lobby and corporate offices. Guests rely on connectivity for social media, work, and communication with family and friends while traveling, and the resort can’t function without connectivity for streaming events and back of house applications such as reservations and point of sale systems.

To acquire the best connectivity for the substantial holdings – two resorts with a combined five swimming pools, eight tennis courts, 31 restaurants and bars, gym, convention center, two concert halls, a casino, and more – the resort worked with Wadecom, one of the country’s largest integrators, to find and implement the ideal solution to meet the needs of their establishment.


TO PROVIDE WI-FI CONNECTIVITY FOR EVERYWHERE from guest rooms to beach front, Wadecom tested and approved Cambium Networks solutions. The implementation of ePMP subscriber modules for broadband access with cnPilotTM 802.11ac indoor and outdoor access points for Wi-Fi distribution, managed by cnMaestroTM end-to-end cloud-based controller, enabled coverage of all of the various areas of the resorts, each with their individual installation locations and requirements for throughput and user density.

• Cambium Networks works with VARS and Integrators, making sure their expertise translates to the customer.
• cnMaestro cloud-based wireless network manager integrates all components of the network infrastructure, ensuring seamless operation, real-time monitoring, and streamlining maintenance with end-to-end network visibility.

BEST PRACTICES: • Leverage expertise: work with people certified and trained in the products to share the experience with clients.


THE RESORT IS VERY PLEASED with the Cambium Networks equipment, which provides seamless coverage throughout the extensive grounds, delivering reliable connectivity for up to 3000 guests and event attendees during peak bookings.

The upgrade has been well-received by customers, as well, with satisfied feedback offering the resorts valuable confirmation that they made a good choice, and ensuring their ability to deliver the guest experience their ratings rely on.

The resorts’ operators hope to replicate their Cambium Networks design in other properties, and recommend their solutions to hospitality peers.

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