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Updated: Jun 24, 2020

“With the new connectivity solution, our guests consistently issue positive feedback. This is directly improving the resort’s ratings and driving higher business volume.”

- Great rift Valley lodGe & Golf resort manager


THE GREAT RIFT VALLEY LODGE AND GOFT RESORT, A HERITAGE HOTELS PROPERTY NESTLED between Lake Naivasha and the Aberdare mountains in central Kenya, is an award-winning leisure and conference destination for travelers worldwide. struggling with a decade-old network that covered only 100 of over 300 rooms, the lodge needed an upgrade that would support the modern business traveler, affordably. Cambium Networks’ portfolio of rugged, efficient solutions offered the resort the opportunity to customize a new network according to their unique needs.

THE CHALLENGE THE RESORT NEEDED TO UPDATE THE WIRELESS internet infrastructure of a large hospitality complex to enable voice, video, data, and business applications, including inter-branch VOIP communication and surveillance. the resort’s location demanded a backhaul solution capable of efficiently bridging the distance from local trenched fiber networks, that could scale along with the expansion of the site and its clients’ needs, defy interference, and still satisfy budgetary parameters.

THE REQUIREMENTS THE RESORT'S MANAGEMENT TEAM HAD HIGH standards for the performance of the new network, prioritizing scalability and protection from interference, explaining, “the vast size and complexity of the property and installations means that there will always be multiple devices transmitting over radio frequency,” said Daniel Kungu, Group it manager. “Hence, the potential for frequency conflicts that would lead to poor quality and user experience.” Their understanding of how the complicated layout of the property would affect the configuration of the new network also influenced the search for a solution.

“The residential and business premises within the resort are distributed across the property in clusters or standalone units,” said Kungu. “The network design must be able to designate each of the existing and planned user locations into clusters that can then be mapped onto the distribution layer of the proposed network.” the resort and the local ISP Embarq Ltd tried a few other technologies, but as legacy customers of Motorola solutions, they knew Cambium networks could offer the services they needed.

THE SOLUTION OVER THE COURSE OF 12 WEEKS, THE RESORT STAFF WORKED with Embarq to plan and deploy the Cambium system, composed of 4 ePMP 1000 Access Points, with 147 each of both cnPilot ePMP Outdoor Subscriber Modules and cnPilot e410 Indoor Wifi Access Points. the cnMaestro cloud-based management system provides end-to-end network visibility and centralized administrative capacity, empowering the it manager and his network operators to monitor the network’s function and address any issues rapidly. after deployment, a project completion/acceptance certificate was issued and signed, along with a support contract with Embarq.

THE RESULTS THE NEW NETWORK HAS EXCEEDED GREAT RIFT VALLEY lodge’s expectations. “Our guests consistently issue positive feedback,” said the resort manager. “This is directly improving the resort’s ratings and driving higher business volume.”

During conferences, which generate density up to 600 users, both conference attendees and regular guests can easily access the VOIP communications, voice and video streaming, and data services they require. The simplicity of network management and monitoring has reduced support costs, and overall communications costs have almost halved.

The resort’s management credits Cambium vendors’ equipment knowledge, the planning options that enable customers to test network configurations before purchase, and the equipment options themselves, with the success of the resort’s new system. Because Cambium products are supported by software upgrades to extend the life of their networks, Great rift Valley lodge can rely on consistent service as they continue to grow, and Heritage Hotels plans to roll out Cambium Networks equipment at all their sites in Kenya.

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