Configuring EXTREME DENSITY Wlan

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Extreme high density is sometimes difficult to configure the WLAN, no matter what the brand of WLAN. Here are some ideas that may help you there are too many people on at the same time.

  1. Turn off the 2.4 Gig radio

  2. Set the 5 Gig radio at lower power to only cover area closest to AP, but ensure overlapping 10% coverage with the other access points.

  3. If you can, turn off authentication, have an open network.

  4. Turn off advertising and splash pages

  5. Turn off automatic channel selection

  6. Turn off automatic power settings

  7. Physically survey area with 5 Gig radios for minimum power for each area before two days before the start

  8. During physical survey make sure all areas have at least -70dBm reading

  9. Depending on the density of clients you should consider manning the cloud controls to handle any problems that may happen during the event.

  10. Remember to temporarily add more bandwidth from your ISP and make sure you edge switches and intermediate switches and handle the extra load.

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> Learn more about Cambium products

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