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Updated: May 6, 2020

CnVision is the Cambium Networks solution for using radio backhaul technology for your security camera systems. Sometimes the cables that connect the camera to the cloud or to your VMS can be wildly difficult or expensive. The issues that come up when installing cameras that can drastically increase costs can be grouped into several areas:

  1. Trenching is really difficult or expensive, such as when someone else owns the land and negotiating is really hard, such as in city-wide installations or when sidewalks, streets, swimming pool and landscaping creates problems.

  2. The fiber connection is way too far away from the needed camera locations, causing expensive switches and boosters. Even with long distance installations along waterways or power lines.

  3. There are serious timing issues, such as deadlines that must be achieved measured in hours and days, not in weeks or months, your only choice is to deploy many crews of installers.

  4. The distance is just way too great to economically connect that camera with normal cabling options.

Now with the Cambium Networks solution cnVision you can easily handle all these problems with HD high-quality images that do not lose any packets!!

Here are some of the Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Distances, with great HD, up to 5 miles distant or 8Km.

  2. Installation costs are competitive with cable

  3. Now install much, much faster, 30 cameras to one central location with no cables.

  4. Fully integrated with most or all VMS Brands such as Hanwha, Milestone, and Generec.

  5. It can be controlled with Cambium dashboard and monitored by VMS Systems and alerts with built-in with "OnVif" protocols.

  6. Free training and certification with POC trials available.

  7. No issues with failing camera cables in the future.

A great use example is to use for SE Asia is the resort, the trenched cable connecting the main building to the swimming pool, bar, restaurant, and beach area has broken or eaten by our local animals, it will only take two or three hours to install the solution and it cannot be chewed through nor can it be destroyed by floods!

Costs depend on various issues but at list prices 100 USD per camera up to 200USD per camera depending on size, distance, and complexity of installation. This opens the door for really less expensive, simplified installations, and much, much faster for all your camera installs.

Please remember DSNAsia only sells through its selected partners, please have your partner call us.

> Learn more about Cambium cnVision Solution for CCTV

> Learn more about Cambium products

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