cnVision Makes the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix Safer With Instant Connectivity for CCTV - Case Study

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

“Without interference, latency, delays or signal loss, the solution allowed Formula One to have high-quality images to monitor the safety of visitors to the event. Cambium Networks has robust, flexible and manageable communications solutions that ensure complete confidence in the solutions Seal Telecom provides to its customers.”


OVERVIEW FORMULA ONE’S (F1) FANBASE IS GLOBAL AND INCREASING. F1 Grands Prix were hosted in 21 countries during the 2019 season. More fans and larger events meant F1 needed to heighten their security. When the F1 Brazilian Grand Prix needed a video surveillance solution, they used cnVision to provide connectivity for cameras to keep visitors entering the grounds under safe watch. Cambium Networks’ purpose-built wireless video transport solution gave F1 an affordable, reliable and secure alternative for connecting video cameras overseeing critical areas.


THE BRAZILIAN GRAND PRIX marked its 48th championship event in November 2019. In preparation for the race, a question was brought up: how could they securely monitor some of the public areas and VIP areas on the racetrack grounds?

For this temporary event, setting up fiber and cable would have been time consuming and labor intensive. Additional challenges included the high levels of radio frequency noise and areas on the racetrack grounds that were covered by dense trees. Wireless was the answer for connecting the cameras at critical locations. The system integrators (SI) needed a wireless solution that would have no problem providing connectivity to the cameras and ensuring there is uninterrupted and reliable feeds. Due to time constraints and the live nature of the event, the system needed to be easy to install and have enhanced, real-time troubleshooting abilities with camera integration.


CAMBIUM NETWORKS PROVIDED eight cnVision Client MINIs, a cnVision Hub 360r and installation for the event. Seal Telecom, the project’s system integrator (SI), quickly deployed the wireless links, established sufficient communication speeds and ensured a stable connection for the critical camera infrastructure. The SI installed the Client MINIs, optimally positioned the omni- directional Hub 360r to connect the clients and connected the clients to the Hub 360r. They used 1080p resolution cameras from Dahua to monitor the area. Installation was seamless and quick because the omni-directional antenna in the product portfolio did not require alignment. The predictable and interference-resilient nature of cnVision protocol allowed for uninterrupted and steady streaming of the camera feeds.

The cnVision system’s simplified user interface made setting up the wireless cameras easier for Seal Telecom, saving time and cost.

THE RESULTS OVER THE COURSE OF THREE DAYS, the cameras provided a high-quality view of some public entrances and VIP entrances. cnVision’s user-friendly interface made it easy to find information related to link quality and other helpful statistics. cnVision Hubs and Clients support the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF), allowing cameras capable of ONVIF to be discovered. Right from the dashboard, security personnel were able to see what cameras were connected and active on the network. Meanwhile, the video stream displayed in the Hub/ Client user interface allowed for further troubleshooting. During the event, cnVision Hubs and Clients were also integrated into a major video management system (VMS) to record and store video.

Highlights of the deployment include:

Its robustness and cost effectiveness made cnVision a reliable wireless option for the Brazilian Grand Prix. The low latency and low jitter of the proprietary protocol of cnVision delivered a consistently clear video stream as opposed to standards such as Wi-Fi. Not only was cnVision useful for this temporary event, but it is also expected to be a reliable option in permanent uses and dense urban environments. For the Brazilian Grand Prix, wherever they needed a camera, Cambium Networks made the connection.

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