cnPilot Wi-Fi Powers Smooth and Efficient Operations - Case Study

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

“Modern logistics system operations require powerful and efficient wireless connectivity, an objective achieved with Cambium Networks products” – ANDREA MASINI, MOVIMODA IT SPECIALIST


MOVIMODA IS ONE OF THE TEXTILE AND FASHION INDUSTRY’S most highest regarded and innovative logistics operators in Italy and Europe. The scope of Movimoda’s organizational and technological commitment can be summed up in statistics: 150 customers and 82 acres of warehouses, through which 100 million pieces and 11 million yards of fabric move per year. Raw materials and finished products are managed through a wide range of services from quality control to e-commerce management, in Italy, France, China, and several other Asian countries.

To support and promote its market position, Movimoda works constantly to ensure maximum process efficiency and safety throughout its operations with the best technology available.

With staffs of 40-50 employees all equipped with radio terminals, some of the Italian warehouses realized the need to implement new Wi-Fi networks managed by a centralized control system. A key capability Movimoda needed in the new solution was that the access points had to remain operational even if the network management system was temporarily inaccessible.


MOVIMODA HIRED SYSTEM INTEGRATOR Lastnet to design and implement a network capable of effectively meeting all their needs. Lastnet selected Cambium Networks’ cnPilot family of enterprise grade, 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi distribution products.

A combined total of about 100 e410 Indoor and e501S Outdoor sector access points with integrated LTE filter and 2x2 MIMO capacity were deployed to provide Movimoda’s warehouses with the target hardware and software capabilities. The intuitive, user-friendly features of Cambium Networks products made designing and installing the new solution particularly smooth and quick.

Why Movimoda Chose Cambium Networks:

cnPilot is ideal for industrial environments where numerous devices need seamless connectivity despite obstacles that interfere with signal transmission, such as shelving and machinery in warehouses.

Cambium Networks solutions connect from stockroom to boardroom with centralized management for simplified administration.

Best Practices:

Stable, continuous connectivity for operator terminals is a prerequisite for guaranteed fast, safe, and error-free warehouse operations.


THE WAREHOUSE WI-FI NETWORK IS NOW USED PRIMARILY to connect Datalogic radio terminals interfacing with the company WMS. The cnPilot APs also support bifurcated access, separating the internal traffic of Movimoda staff from guest access for customers and suppliers – on both 2.4 and 5GHz bands.

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