cnPilot and 5th Utility Make Classroom Wi-Fi a Walk in the Park - Case Study

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

“We have a great long-term relationship with Cambium Networks, with a history of deploying a range of their solutions, from outdoor PTP to the cnPilot product family. We trust Cambium Networks solutions for easy installation and configuration, and with the school already seeing great network performance, we’re very happy with the results of our work.” – RICH PENNEY, TECHNICAL DIRECTOR, 5TH UTILITY

OVERVIEW TODAY’S CLASSROOMS HAVE EVOLVED from rows of desks facing a whiteboard into interactive and educational multimedia hubs.

Whether it’s browsing for research purposes or the creation of personalized lesson plans, online resources are integral to teachers, students, and administrative staff for the daily activities of today’s connected schools.

Tickford Park Primary School in Newport Pagnell, England, wanted to adapt with demand for more immersive educational applications, but needed an updated wireless network system to reach the cutting edge of technology and networking advances that would empower its students to achieve things far beyond the classroom.

cnPilotTM e410 Indoor

CHALLENGE TICKFORD HAD BEEN TRYING TO MAKE THE MOST of its out-of-date wireless system, which not only failing to keep up with the demands of its classrooms, but also under-equipped with security capabilities. Regular Wi-Fi outages were a symptom of the over-capacity network and underperforming wireless controller, but the original wireless manufacturer and its products were obsolete. The school was at a loss, afraid that a new connectivity solution would come at a high cost in price, installment time, and network downtime.

Why 5u Chose Cambium Networks • Cambium Networks solutions are purpose built for customer success – offering reliable, scalable performance to support current needs and future growth. • Preconfiguration of cnPilotTM access points with cnMaestroTMmanagement system ensures rapid deployment for minimal network downtime and effortless device onboarding. investment.
Best Practices • Save time by reusing available mounting locations for new access points. • Choose service providers with proven records of industry experience and customer support for long-term success.

SOLUTION TICKFORD CHOSE IT SOLUTION PROVIDER 5TH UTILITY for its expertise in IT consultancy, infrastructure solutions, and robust support services. 5u in turn selected leading global wireless connectivity solutions provider Cambium Networks to help it create the fast and reliable new Wi-Fi network, building on its long-term relationship with the company.

cnPilotTM e500 Outdoor

To make the deployment as cost-effective as possible, 5u used pre-existing data point locations, mounting cnPilotTM enterprise-grade 802.11ac Wave 2 and e500 Outdoor access points. The cnPilot e410 Indoor AP offers flexibility for both coverage and capacity in small, indoor environments such as classrooms, and the e500 Outdoor delivers robust coverage for outdoor areas, with rugged housing that resists environmental stressors. cnPilot Wi-Fi allowed Tickford to deploy its upgrade quickly and conveniently, expanding its wireless coverage while supporting future growth.

To further streamline the project, 5u installed Cambium Networks cloud-based end-to-end wireless management system cnMaestroTM to provide general support service provisioning and efficiently transfer management of the system. With cnMaestro’s autonomous AP management, operations can be facilitated at the service layer – without compromising internet services – and provided the school with a solution that simply worked. Bench testing of the solution was carried out at 5u’s pre-staging labs to ensure the solution could support the needs of the school before it was installed, making the transition as seamless as possible.

RESULTS BECAUSE CNMAESTRO WAS PRECONFIGURED to the required template and the AP’s were tested with the new required Power of Ethernet (POE) infrastructure prior to the deployment, installation was carried out within just one day, avoiding disruption to school routines. The result was exemplary all around, with all devices connected and roaming functioning as planned, displaying strong wireless performance and offering staff and student connectivity as well as additional guest services.

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