Cambium Networks Delivers New Wi-Fi 6 Products, Improving Speed While Reducing Ownership Costs

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New Access Points and Multi-Gigabit Switches Powered by Software-Defined Radios and Cloud-Based Management Tools.

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL, June 24, 2020, a leading global provider of wireless networking solutions, today introduced several new Wi-Fi 6 products, including two wireless access points, six multi-gigabit switches, and enhanced cloud-based software that simplifies wireless network design and deployment. The new products are based on a software-defined radio architecture that dramatically improves Wi-Fi speeds while reducing ownership costs by up to 30 percent versus competitive products.

The products are ideal for enterprises, office buildings, retailers, schools, smart cities and apartment complexes, that can now deliver more simultaneous data streams and support more concurrent users than ever before. Wi-Fi 6 technology is designed to address the unprecedented strains placed on Wi-Fi networks, caused by the exploding demand for streaming video, the proliferation of outdoor hotspots, IoT sensors and controls. The new products will also allow managed service providers and value-added resellers to offer more compelling and competitive services.

“Now more than ever, organizations must deliver exceptional Wi-Fi performance at a low total cost,” said Atul Bhatnagar, President and CEO of Cambium Networks. “Unfortunately, too much capital is tied up in networks at a time when organizations are required to do more with less. Cambium continues to be in the forefront of Wi-Fi connectivity, by providing technology that delivers the high performance and value that enterprises need in order to provide the best Wi-Fi user experiences at a fraction of the cost.”

“We need to upgrade our Wi-Fi Infrastructure to better support the future requirements of our 1,400 students and 300 faculty and staff members,” said Bernd Buchmaier, Head of IT Infrastructure Services at International School of Luxembourg. “Currently we have about 3,000 devices connected to our network, but as Digital Learning and Online Collaboration in the classes are playing a key role in ISL’s educational concepts, we need to provide a high-quality and secure wireless connectivity across our school campus. Among other competitors, we are confident that Cambium Networks with their competences in Wi-Fi 6 technology are a reliable partner to fulfill these requirements at best, for an outstanding digital experience at school.”

Improve Performance Without Premium Cost

Cambium’s software-defined and multi-radio architecture enables organizations to improve coverage and support more concurrent users and devices than before, helping them transition to Wi-Fi 6 without the premium. In addition, the company’s cloud-based provisioning and management capabilities allow users to significantly improve performance at a lower total cost. 

“A key priority for organizations today is to improve the user experience with technology that makes Wi-Fi networks faster, better and easier to manage,” said Chaz Hager, CEO of North River IT, a provider of managed IT services to businesses throughout North America. “There is no other vendor on the market that can deliver the robust feature set, price point and lightning-fast performance of Wi-Fi 6 that Cambium does. Cambium provides this trifecta, while making it exceptionally easy to set up and manage.”

Cambium’s new Wi-Fi 6 portfolio includes:

  • Cambium XV3-8 Access Point: A tri-radio, eight-antenna access point designed for high-density environments, including enterprises, public venues, smart cities and campuses. Its application intelligence and policy controls support more than 2,000 applications to match business requirements to the wireless network to support more users and high-density applications. The XV3-8 also features seamless roaming, fast roaming, automatic RF optimization and interference avoidance to automatically optimize performance to specific local needs.

  • Cambium XV 2-2 Access Point: A dual-radio, dual-antenna AP with software-defined Wi-Fi that delivers the high performance of Wi-Fi 6 technology without the extra cost. The XV 2-2 is ideal for small to medium-enterprise deployments and retail, bringing consistent, high-speed performance at a lower cost.

  • cnMatrix Enterprise Switches: Six new wireless-optimized Multi-Gigabit Switches can meet the increased speed and capacity requirements of organizations today and beyond. These Wi-Fi 6 switches feature fully-automated network access policies and true cloud-based, zero-touch provisioning to eliminate errors from human intervention and reduce the need for onsite technical expertise while improving efficiency and quality of experience. These switches include the EX2016M-P that is optimized for Wi-Fi 6 deployments; the EX2052 that includes three 48-port models with high-port density and flexible power options.

Application Integration and Automation Simplify Operations

A key component of Cambium’s new software-defined Wi-Fi technology is the company’s cloud-based management solutions that eliminate the need for onsite, highly technical resources to provide support and maintenance, while providing a complete view of all sites across the enterprise and improved security features. Specifically, customers can now use XMS, a massively scalable, easy-to-use multi-tenant platform that virtually eliminates on-site system maintenance or the cnMaestro to simplify management with full network visibility and zero-touch provisioning. Coupled with the Wi-Fi Designer heatmapping tool that visualizes coverage and capacity, Wi-Fi network architects can now better design and test their Wi-Fi network, including modeling alternative solutions and generating a complete bill of materials.

Disruptively Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Cambium delivers unprecedented performance and value versus competitive products. For example, deployment of 100 Cambium XV3-8 access points with XMS-Cloud management provides an average cost savings of 29.8 percent over five years, compared to similar deployments of 100 Wi-Fi 6 access points from five other enterprise Wi-Fi vendors. Similarly, a deployment of 100 Cambium XV2-2 access points with cnMaestro management provides an average cost savings of 42.0 percent over five years, compared to similar deployments from five other enterprise Wi-Fi vendors. (Comparisons are based on publicly available MSRP pricing and product specification information.)

Improve Wireless Performance Now

The new Wi-Fi 6 offering improves performance and efficiency beyond 802.11ac networks even without the use of 802.11ax devices. Businesses can now deliver more simultaneous video streams, and support more concurrent users and devices than ever before.

“This new solution made an immediate impact to our business as we were able to more than double our wireless speeds,” said Bruce A. Weintraub, CEO HealthSignals, LLC. a North American provider of connectivity solutions for senior living. “We went from an average throughput of 158 MB to a screaming 365 MB in one test. Utilizing our system as an MSP for monitoring other organization’s networks puts a very high demand on our internal network. Adding 802.11ax technology has provided considerable headroom, allowing our services to be quicker and of higher quality.”

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