Why Chose Cambium for Warehouse and Industrial?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Hi guys,

Here are some of my thoughts on why so many industrial and warehouse solutions are choosing Cambium Motorola:

  1. Easy Backhaul to connect all of your buildings on one network without trenching or running cables.

  2. Tried and proven e500, e501, and e502 and now e700 high-temperature access points for those hot high ceilings.

  3. Easy to power up and cable with the access point with any CCTV security cameras, just plug and play.

  4. One single pane of glass for all your monitoring and control functions for your clients, switches, access points, and now your cameras.

  5. Full built-in alert functions to help you control.

  6. Full mesh capable of your failover needs.

  7. Up to lifetime warranty, three year standard.

  8. Built-in mounting and grounding kits

  9. No need for additional antennae, they are built-in, even sectional.

  10. Now with the new e700, you can go to very high-density solutions.

  11. Cambium solution prices are way less than Aruba, Meraki, Ruckus, and Cisco, ask for a quote.

  12. No ongoing license costs with Cambium.

  13. Use with your local controller, local cloud, or with full cloud deployment.

  14. Deploy with cable and electricity or no cable, it is up to you.

  15. Now you can deploy up to 150 Meter Radius solutions.

Now, you guys can know the reason why Cambium is the best choice for warehouse and industrial.

Please remember, we only sell through our partners, never to end-users. If you need POC or test, please contact your favorite partner or give us a call.
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