Cambium cnMaestro, what is it?

Updated: May 6, 2020

Cambium cnMaestro is the interface that is used to control the Access Points in a WLAN network or on many networks. It is very powerful even though it is free. You can use this single pane of glass to see and control all the access points on a network or, actually, on many different networks, up to 10000 access points, all for free, no license. Cambium cnMaestro can be used in FIVE different ways, all for free:

  1. Standard and most popular is cloud-based, located on a third party such as Amazon. This is, perhaps, the most easy to operate for large networks on multiple domains or locations.

  2. Virtualized on local server farms such as Viettel or VNPT. This is used when most of the networks are within a specific geographic area and the end-user wants to maintain local data on shared servers. Once again, Cambium cnMaestro controller is free but you will pay some to the server farm.

  3. Virtualized shared server within the existing LAN or domain. Once again this is free software, but end-user needs to supply the server. Great for schools, universities, larger enterprises that would like to have the controller on location.

  4. Cambium virtualized server e4000 purchased with free Cambium cnMaestro controller loaded and configured by Cambium and installed within LAN or domain. This solution is great for a larger government location that has security issues and need a physical controller.

  5. No server, this is controller actually served by one of the Cambium access points to all other on that LAN. It requires no local physical server but is limited to controlling 32 access points. This is most commonly used for smaller government offices that need to secure all data and has a restricted budget.

All of these controller solutions are absolutely free, with free upgrades supplied by Cambium. These solutions can also be changed using the same access points for no additional fee in the future, unlike many competitors. You do NOT have to change access points to change control.

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