Cambium e502s Go Narrow, Go Far

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Some of you are now wondering why we have e500, e501s, and the e502s. My other blogs talked about the e500, e501s.

Now let's talk about the e502s.

The e502s Cambium Access Points are very similar to the 500 and 501s except for the antennae patterns are different. The e502 are designed for an even more narrow focused radio than even the 502 resulting in 25-30 degree. This enables the access point radios to have even further distances than the others. Its best installation mounting will be either on walls or on high density applications where Radio Frequency controls will become most important.

Remember, on the e500, e501s and the e502s all have included antennas, no need to purchase more and they all have strong AC Wave 1 with extra outgoing port for powering up security cameras or other access points.

Cambium cnPilot e502 Outdoor Access Point
Cambium cnPilot e502 Outdoor Access Point

> Learn more about E502

> E520 Specifications

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