Why Is Cambium and DSN, Your Best Partner?

Đã cập nhật: 14 Th12 2020

Hello Partner,

This is for our partners and future partners only, so all of our good end-user customers, please do not read.

Cambium Motorola should be one of your best suppliers for all of your project and end-user sales, here are some of the best reasons.

  1. Cambium will give you some of the best gross margins in our business. Far higher than any of the leading brands.

  2. Much higher protection on any of your deals, not the usual 400 competitors that want to jump into your project.

  3. Trained, efficient sales staff ready and willing to help you win those deals.

  4. Free POC with skilled, trained support staff to work with your tech guys to make sure the end-user can find the solution they need.

  5. Free Training of your sales staff, sales engineers, presales engineers, and tech staff.

  6. Free heat mapping by trained skilled staff to help with those engineered solutions for even the most complicated networks.

  7. In-country decisions on all warranty claims, both fast and efficient.

  8. The most used website in our industry, www.dsnasia.net

  9. The most used Blog in our industry, https://www.dsnasia.net/blogs

  10. The longest non licensed warranty in our industry.

  11. The cleanest distribution in Vietnam, we do not compete.

  12. Full online training for your sales staff, with Cambium certification.

  13. Registration and protection for every one of your deals.

  14. Flexible costs for those really large deals that you are working with a very fast response that you need.

  15. Flexible credit terms to help you grab those larger deals to help your company grow.

We really, really believe in you, our partners, and we will work very hard to help you grow your company. Remember, if you grow, we grow. Give us your trust, we will work hard to show you the right path.

Please remember, we only sell to our partners, never to end-users.

Click here to read more about our products and services:

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