Buy Wifi 6 Now or later?

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Hi Guys,

Here are some new thoughts and insights for you to think about? Wifi 6 or AX is now here, approved and ready for your networks.

Below are some reasons why your purchase of these powerful Cambium Motorola access points make sense to buy now:

1. Wifi 6 is built for high-density networks and they can easily carry up to 500 concurrent users per access point with a spec level of over 1000 concurrent users. It is built to be future proof, easily going years into the future.

2. Cambium Wifi 6 is the same or under the price for Wifi 5. It is great value as low as 375 USD, much lower than Cisco, Meraki, Aruba, and Ruckus.

3. Internal testing against competitive brands, Cambium Wifi 6 are 20-35% faster than other wifi 6 AP's due to Cambium Motorola's history with radios.

4. Warranty is Five years but can be expanded up to lifetime for small additional charge. A super Value!

5. Cambium Wifi 6 can be used with any other brands, including Cisco, Meraki, Aruba and Unifi with no conflicts, making your job easier and with NO licenses to pay.

6. Full band steering on each radio, up to five radios per access point and hundreds of clients per access point.

7. Wifi 6 has full duplexing capabilities just like your ethernet cable, now you can use our access points and STOP running cable with wifi speeds equal or now faster than your old cables.

8. With our new Cambium switches, you can carry uplinks of 2.5 G to 5 G for each access point, making your network the fastest wifi network in SE Asia.

9. Not only will our Wifi 6 AP work with other brands but are also completely backward compatible with older clients and other Cambium and Xirrus access points.

10. Now all Cambium AP will work with all Xirrus and Cambium AP's and networks with or without controllers, making your lives easier.

Call us for your free POC/Test.

Now you can save time, money and make your life easier!

Please remember, we do not sell to end-users, only through our partners.

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