Beyond the Cable 100M length

Updated: Sep 16

Sometimes you will need to go over the 100M length limitation on your cable and we can show you here how to do this without installing booster or another switch. With Cambium Network's Bridge-in-a-Box solution it is easy and fast to push your network out past the 100 Meter limits. Now you can easily install that remote security camera or that additional wifi device or connect even that remote security station by your gate opening. Cambium's Bag in a Box can now go way, way beyond those numbers, up to 5 Km with up to 500 Megs of bandwidth.

If you need to install 25 clients all you need to do is do the "plug and play" Bag in a Box and plug in another switch at the other end and you have a great and fast extension to your present network. No need to set up another network, or call the ISP.

> Learn more about Cambium Networks' Bridge-in-a-box

> Bridge-in-a-box Specifications

> Learn more about Cambium PTP Backhaul

> Learn more about Cambium ePMP Backhaul

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