Best Uses for 60 Gigahertz Millimeter Wave

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Hi Guys,

Here are some thoughts on some of the many uses for Cambium Wave great new 15 Gigabit bandwidth. Now, for the first time in SE Asia, we can actually start to replace fiber with easy to use, lower-cost radios.

best uses for 60 gigahertz millimeter wave
  1. Business and residential Broadband access.

  2. Campus area networks including hospitals, enterprise campus, K-12 and higher education campuses, and event locations

  3. High-capacity infrastructure for outdoor Wi-Fi hotspots

  4. Infrastructure for Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) including apartment buildings, dormitories, eldercare facilities

  5. Wireless infrastructure for CCTV and video surveillance camera locations

  6. Infrastructure for service provider 4G or 5G small cell coverage areas

  7. Wireless bridges for fiber or cable networks

Now there is NO need to trench, dig holes, string fiber in the air, and with less loss from animals, theft, storms, and fiber cuts. Now it is even less expensive and installs much more easily and quickly. So, if you want to connect multiple buildings, thousands of security cameras, smart city applications, factories with low latency, try Cambium Motorola Wave now offering 15 Gbps and under 1 ms latency with full self-healing mesh.

Please remember, we only sell through our partners, never to end-users.

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Trials are now being set up throughout SE Asia.

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