Applebee’s Serves Reliable Wi-Fi Connections in Brazil Locations with Cambium Networks - Case Study

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

"We had tried other manufacturers’ equipment, but other brands didn’t provide us what we really need to deliver the best experience for customers and contributors. We chose Cambium Networks for their quality, flexibility and cost benefits to our business."


The Challenge for Cambium Networks:

LIKE ALL RESTAURANTS, APPLEBEE'S BRAZIL LOCATIONS wanted to offer the best service possible. Today, as part of that service, customers expect reliable and easy-to-access Wi-Fi. However, Wi-Fi service has been an issue for the bar-and-grill style restaurant chain in the past; Applebee’s had experienced inconsistent connections. As a result, customers dealt with poor navigation experiences, and employees contended with instability in the corporate Wi-Fi network.

To meet customers’ expectations, the restaurant chain needed streamlined Wi-Fi service, quality WLAN, a better understanding of their customers, and Wi-Fi compatible with their Wispot social Wi-Fi solution ( Wispot allows its customers to join restaurant Wi-Fi, and it sends messages and advertisements directly to mobile devices. Applebee’s needed a solution that would cover an area of 500 square meters per location while meeting all expectations.

The Solution of Cambium Networks:

CAMBIUM NETWORKS' CNPILOT e400 INDOOR ENTERPRISE ACCESS POINTS (AP) provided Applebee's with the reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi their restaurants needed. The Cambium Networks Wi-Fi solution has seamlessly integrated with Wispot, allowing Applebee’s to capture customer data and deliver personalized messages to mobile devices through the Wi-Fi network.

Tying everything together, Applebee’s simplified their device management with cnMaestro, Cambium Networks’ free wireless network manager. cnMaestro enabled them to install, operate, monitor, and manage the entire network with ease and full network visibility.

The Results with Cambium Networks:

APPLEBEE'S CUSTOMERS NOTICED THE ENHANCED QUALITY of the Wi-Fi service, and they have been able to receive communications through Wispot. Additionally, employees have been quickly serving customers, which reflects the team’s increased productivity.

Customers enjoy excellent internet experience and use simple forms of authentication to join the network, including Facebook and Google. Before implementing cnPilot APs, Applebee’s had 50 customer Wi-Fi connections per day at each restaurant; now, Applebee’s serves a wider coverage area with an average of 300 users per location per day.

Next Steps

INTEGRATION OF CNPILOT e410 APS WITH THEIR SOCIAL WI-FI SOLUTION will allow Applebee's to send out promotional coupons and customer satisfaction surveys straight to customers' devices. With these solutions working in tandem, Applebee’s can get to know their customers while the customers can enjoy high-speed, quality Wi-Fi and learn more about what Applebee’s has to offer.

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