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Updated: May 5, 2020

Purpose-Built Wireless for Video Surveillance, CnVision: The CCTV market asks for solutions that are secure, reliable and predictable; Cambium Networks’ answer is a wireless connectivity platform designed to meet the demands of mission-critical video surveillance backhaul.

1. What is cnVision and how does it fit within the Cambium Networks portfolio?

cnVision™ is Cambium Networks’ new line of wireless backhaul products that are custom designed to serve the video surveillance market. This line of products was created with the intention to be cost-effective and predictable in performance with the right blend of features that integrate smoothly into the CCTV space. Due to its wireless nature, cnVision fits perfectly into the Cambium Networks portfolio. It leverages the strong wireless pedigree of Cambium Networks to create a CCTV-centric solution.

2. What is it about cnVision that makes it unique?

Unlike other generic wireless products, cnVision is designed from the ground up with the CCTV market in mind. It is built on the industry’s most robust wireless platform with unique features such as ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) clients and VMS (video management software) integration. Additionally, cnVision aims to take the complexity of wireless out of the equation by offering an easy-to-use planning tool that caters to the CCTV installer.

3. Who are the key customers for cnVision and what are their needs?

Key customers for cnVision are integrators of all shapes and sizes. Cambium Networks intends to meet their needs by delivering a cost-effective, yet reliable and predictable, wireless alternative to fiber and copper installations. It is essential that solutions can integrate with their cameras, which is why cnVision is ONVIFconformant. cnVision products can detect and display camera hardware models and system information, and it can offer an added step toward troubleshooting a problem in the field.

4. What costs should customers plan for when deploying cnVision?

Pricing spans from $199 to $329 for clients and hubs. These costs are nominal when compared to wired alternatives.

5. What can you say about the reliability of cnVision?

This solution is highly resilient in its support of missioncritical deployments. cnVision is greatly resistant to interference and has a built-in packet re-transmission mechanism, ensuring that critical video is delivered. The wireless transmission algorithm is optimized for video; we want the performance to be predictable to allow for the most consistent experience possible.

6. Which security practices does cnVision incorporate?

Security is essential to backhauling mission-critical video surveillance cameras. To ensure the safety of integrators’ video, cnVision incorporates proprietary over-the-air protocol enhancing protocol security, data encryption via AES128 or alternatively AES256b bit, user access security with different login privileges, HTTPS and radius authentication.

7. What does Cambium Networks do to offer support?

Cambium Networks offers support 24 hours a day, seven days per week to keep networks running consistently and efficiently. Support is offered via telephone, email and the online Cambium Networks Community forums. Additionally, we offer a three-year warranty on cnVision to ensure that integrators are covered by Cambium Networks. cnVision is also compatible with Cambium Networks’ planning and discovery tools, allowing deployments to be easily managed.

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