Cambium Switches - 26 Why You Should Buy

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Hi Guys,

Here are twenty-six, yep really 26, reasons why you and your end-user customers should buy Cambium Motorola Matrix Switches.

  1. Lowest price points compared to leading switch manufacturers, including Cisco, Aruba, HP, Ruckus, and Meraki.

  2. Longest warranties for 5 years, maybe 5x our competition!

  3. Full Layer 2 and 3 Controls, not the cutback from cheaper brands. Not just managed, but full layer 2 and 3.

  4. Great Policy-Based Automation, let the software to help you configure, monitor, and control even with non Cambium clients. Increases your security, monitoring, and configurations.

  5. Major high throughput, up to over 186Gbs.

  6. Works with all other switch brands, no conflicts.

  7. Now five ways to configure, cloud with eMaestro or XMS, or Gui, or command line, up to you. You and use it with both Xirrus XMS or Cambium cnMaestro.

  8. No license fees to pay, none at all!

  9. Now uses the same great dashboard, cnMaestro, or XMS controller, same as with all our backhaul devices, wifi access points, and other switches. Now you can see and control wan, lan, and clients on one single pane of glass from anywhere in the world.

  10. Fast replacement on all warranty, measured in hours, not days, weeks or months, like our competition.

  11. During our five-year warranty replacement, we do not replace it with rebuilt, remanufactured, or repaired but with new.

  12. Fully trained tech service for consulting or advice.

  13. We have both Fan and super quiet Fanless switches.

  14. SFP+ and SFP uplinks up to 40GPS for your larger traffic needs with no license.

  15. Ports up to 2.5 Gps using your Cat 5e and Cat 6 Cables for your new Wifi 6 and 4K camera devices.

  16. Now all ports have our POE, not limited to some, plug into any port.

  17. All our POE is POE+, AT, not with old standard POE, AF.

  18. All Series 2 Cambium Switches Layer 3 have Out of Band controls, no interruptions when controlling, or applying new configurations.

  19. Up to 1000 Watt power supplies for your new wifi 6 and 4k cameras.

  20. Full control over all POE, including prioritizations, on or off by port, timing, and type of device saving you electricity and money!

  21. Full 50 degrees C operating temperature capable of those hot SE Asia areas.

  22. 95% Humidity Capable for SE Asia wet climates.

  23. Can be configured and controlled from Cloud, Local, or local cloud with free eMaestro installed on your server, cloud, or your cloud.

  24. No need to purchase an assistance license, we have Cambium Engineers ready to assist 24/7.

  25. Now it is easy, saves money, and simple to control.

  26. Uplinks up to 40 Gbits per second for your higher traffic needs.

Now in Vietnam and SE Asia, please call for your test and POC. Our salesperson is waiting to hear, please call now.

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In Vietnamese:

> Cambium Switches - Yếu tố không thể thiếu trong hệ thống mạng

Please remember, we only sell through our partners, never to end users.

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