Wow, 15 Gigabits per Second WIFI?

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Hi Guys, Nope not wifi but some really new, powerful radio technology in Cambium Motorola radios that may very well change the way networking forever. Cambium cnWave 60 Gigahertz new systems can easily supply 15 Gigabits per second to give you another tool for your most complicated network solutions and it has been proven around the world in multiple installations.

We have it now in Vietnam, ready to create your new, stable, and secure networks. This is NOT WIFI 6 but it is a completely new technology from three companies, namely Facebook, Cambium, and Qualcomm. This new technology will change your networking solutions and reduce the need for expensive fiber, at the same time supply the failover capabilities that your fiber may not be able.

My thoughts on the types of solutions that these products are targeted:

  1. All ISP for the last 8 km installs to the endpoint, one hub device can supply more than 30 endpoints with full meshing failover capabilities then build out multiple hubs, future-proofing your networks.

  2. The large campus, multiple buildings, installations on a single network structure with large data needs, such as Universities, Schools, Hospitals.

  3. Integration of multiple networks to one network, such as integration of security networks, cameras, VOIP, and data to one simple tiered network.

  4. Supplying a large fiber network structure with Radio failover systems for protection against cable cuts from people, animals, and weather.

  5. ISP extending coverage beyond the last installed ring.

  6. Major data fabric tool for the digital transformation of automating factories and warehouses for robotics, sensor collection, temperature monitoring, vibration monitoring, and security camera with multiple buildings using Cambium Wifi 6 devices backhauled by Cambium Wave.

  7. Non-line of sight backhaul solutions, even in dense urban settings such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi and Danang.

  8. Government Large security camera installs, where urban density is a problem for fiber. Remember, we do NOT need fiber, you now can install anywhere!

  9. Large data backhaul needs at remote and distant locations where fiber is not able or too expensive.

  10. Government IIOT for traffic, fire, flood, and security any sensors, digital or analog.

  11. One Wave device can supply 30 houses or buildings with gigabit speeds!

Benefits of this newer technology:

  1. Easy to install.

  2. Fast installation.

  3. Competitive cost to fiber.

  4. Extend your network where fiber cannot be used.

  5. Full meshing technology with Facebook Terragragh.

  6. Use Cambium software engineering tools to design.

  7. Use of Cambium cnMaestro for a single pane of glass control of all segments.

  8. No single point of failure with Mesh technology.

Limitations of this newer technology:

  1. Today's transmission distance is limited to 8km.

  2. Bandwidth is presently limited to 15Gbs.

  3. Needs Engineered solution by Partner, DSN and Cambium.

You can click here for more information:

> Contact Us

> 60 GHz cnWave Products

> Cambium Motorola Brings to You Multi-Gigabit Broadband

> In Vietnam Fiber speeds without the fiber

Please remember: DSN is the sole distributor and warranty location of all Cambium products in Vietnam and will only sell through our partners, never to end-users.

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