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cnReach Terminal Server IIoT

cnReach Terminal Server IIoT

The IIoT cnReach Terminal Server delivers serial to Ethernet conversion enabling the addition or integration of serial connectivity to any wired or wireless TCP/IP network. In addition to serial connectivity, the terminal server supports MODBUS polling at the edge that can be published via MQTT. Finally, the cnReach Terminal Server is managed with cnMaestro providing a single pane of glass management across the network.

cnReach Terminal Server - Key Features

  • Add Serial to TCP/IP conversion on any wireless or wired broadband network

  • Single Pane of Glass Management

  • Monitor/Configure devices remotely using cnMaestro

  • Flexible configuration enables integration with most serial-based devices in the field today

  • Integrated MODBUS TCP to MODBUS RTU Conversion

  • Supports TCP or UDP traffic and Server or Client modes

  • Daisy-chain multiple units to add more serial ports

  • MQTT Publish/Subscribe Integration

  • Reduce traffic by up to 90% vs. traditional polling

  • Make data available across entire organization

  • Integrated local MODBUS Polling at the edge

  • Data Concentrator applications to reduce polling

  • PLC Local Logic to add intelligence at the edge

cnReach Terminal Server - Specification


Web-based Interface via HTTP/HTTPS

Remote Management via SNMP

User Login Authentication using RADIUS

cnMaestro integration

Support for configuration files, remote software upgrades


Layer 2 bridge and/or Layer 3 static routes VLAN support

TCP Terminal Server, TCP Terminal Client, UDP Terminal, Multicast Terminal

MODBUS Bridge (MODBUS TCP to MODBUS RTU conversion) Data Concentrator (converges data from multiple MODBUS sources into single polling MODBUS map) MQTT (publish/subscribe data); Sparkplug B compliant

Packet handling




Ethernet Interfaces

2 x RJ-45

10/100BaseT, Full Duplex, rate auto negotiated (802.3 compliant)

Here are the blogs if you need more information:

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