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Industrial Internet of Things Platform

cnReach IIoT - SCADA Solutions

SCADA Process Control and Monitoring cnReach IIoT provides affordable narrowband wireless connectivity supporting distribution automation, next-generation field area networks, and SCADA telemetry. Unlock the potential of M2M technology, SCADA communications, and the ever-growing number of value-boosting applications possible with the Industrial Internet of Things, IIoT.


cnReach serial radio Features Distribution Automation for Narrowband Wireless, SCADA and Critical Infrastructures

cnReach frequency


Available in 220, 450, 700 and 900 MHz licensed and unlicensed bands

cnReach scalability


Access point synchronization and adaptive modulation

cnReach interfaces


Extensive I/O with two Ethernet ports, two Serial ports and built-in general purpose analog/digital interfaces.

cnReach security


Built-in 128/256-bit AES encryption and secure management interfaces (HTTPS, SNMPv3).

cnReach deployment flexibility


PTP, PMP and Relay configurations all with the same module. Dual radio option for unique back-to-back repeater functionality.

cnReach management


Plan and manage the entire wireless sensor network with LINKPlanner and cnMaestro

What cnReach can do for you

Simplify migration to all-IP Networks

cnReach assists operators in migrating to secure, efficient and scalable all-IP networks in a step-by-step fashion by supporting simultaneous serial/IP communications.

Maximize Use of Scarce Spectrum

With access point synchronization, adaptive modulation and many other routing/filtering features, owners of licensed spectrum can optimize spectrum use.

Reduce operating costs

With cnReach, enterprises can monitor network performance, respond to alarms, and push configuration changes from cnMaestro’s centralized management interface – which works with all Cambium products to deliver these capabilities via a single pane of glass.

Alignment to IoT Initiatives

Enterprises are looking to capitalize on new analytics that promote efficiency and proactive maintenance. These initiatives require data from both more sensors and more frequent polling, which relies on M2M technology and SCADA communication. cnReach provides the capacity and scalability to support Industrial Internet of Things platforms that meet the new demands for more data.


cnReach IIoT - Specification


900 MHz (902 – 928 MHz ISM and 928 – 960 MHz MAS Licensed)

700 MHz (757-758 MHz and 787-788 MHz Licensed)

450 MHz FCC (406 – 430 MHz and 450 – 470 MHz)

450 MHz ETSI RED (406-470 MHz)

220 MHz (217-222 MHz)


Web-based Interface via HTTP/HTTPS

Remote Management via SNMP

cnMaestro integration (roadmap)

Support for configuration files, remote software upgrades


Layer 2 bridge Layer 3 static routes

VLAN support

Packet handling


Ethernet Interfaces

2 x RJ-45

10/100BaseT, Full Duplex, rate auto negotiated (802.3 compliant)

Serial Interfaces

2 x RJ-45 RS-232/422/485, up to 230.4 kbps

Analog/Digital I/O

12 pins for 8 IO channels and 4 grounds (analog input/output and digital input/output)

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